It is possible to move the traditional database to the cloud using Database migration services. It also offers capabilities like replicating databases between regions and archiving data to S3, so its use is not just restricted to migration.

Migration Scenarios

Several migration scenarios are frequently employed, including:

  • On-site to the AWS cloud.
  • Databases that are relational and those that are not.
  • databases controlled by EC2 services.

Tools for Migration

DMS is not the only tool utilized while moving the database in accordance with the scenario. Other migration tools may be used in tandem with the DMS tool, which is frequently used to handle both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations, to complete the migration requirements.

According to the specifications, the following equipment can be used:

  • Tool for converting schema
  • Migration guides

Type of migration and tools

Homogeneous Migration:

Only the DMS service can be used to migrate a database in a homogeneous migration (when the source and destination databases are identical). However, DMS still moves the fundamental schema, which is necessary to move the data.

Heterogeneous Migration:

If there is a heterogeneous migration, the schema must first be converted. Prior to processing and analyzing the source database structure, the SCT tool will first establish the target database. The conversion will then begin with several steps requiring manual action as well.

SCT program has the advantage of simplifying migration through analysis and suggestions. It also makes migration compatible with other databases, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

DMS can be used to migrate the data into a target database after the schema is ready after the conflicts have been resolved.

Data warehouse migration

The SCT extension can be used to store the data in S3 storage, which is another feature that DMS provides. The data source, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Vertica, Snowflake, and many more, can be converted using SCT tools. The functionality of the SCT data extractor is illustrated in the following image.

Database migration service: DMS

DMS is a secure and reliable solution that database professionals frequently utilize since, as we've seen, it can be used to migrate any database that AWS supports. The advantages of database migration through DMS include:

The source database is accessible during the migration operation so that the apps can use it concurrently.

  • It allows for little to no downtime.
  • Each TB of data migration costs $3.
  • Additionally, DMS permits continuous replication.


When preparing to transfer databases to the AWS cloud, DMS is an essential service. The good news is that DMS supports practically all databases as sources and targets, making the transition of our company to the cloud simple. We need to understand more about the additional tools that may be used with DMS service.

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